Harmony String Quartet

Beautiful String Music for all Occasions

Pricing and Payment

*Call or email harmonystringquartet@hotmail.com to speak to a quartet member directly about your event date, pricing, and contract information.

*All checks must be made payable to the quartet member who books your event.

*There will be a 25% non-refundable deposit for all events.

*The balance of the payment is due 5 days before the wedding date/event date.

Quartet FAQ

How do I stay in contact with the quartet?
-We do most of our communication through email and phone calls.
How do I select music?
-We will help you in selecting music for your event. We will play pieces that we do not have, but you will have to provide the sheet music for us, and send it to us in advance.

Does the quartet attend the wedding rehearsal?
-We have found it unnecessary to attend the wedding dress rehearsal. Our professional musicians usually do not attend the rehearsal. If you feel it is necessary, we will attend the wedding rehearsal for an additional fee.

Can the quartet play with the church musicians that will also be at the wedding?
-Yes, we will gladly coordinate with the musicians from the church. We can play along with organists/pianists and also accompany vocalists as long as the music is in the same key.

What do I need to provide for the quartet on the event day?
-We will need you to provide four armless chairs
to be set up where you would like us to play.

-When playing outdoors we must have shelter
to protect us and our instruments from rain/mist and also direct sunlight and heat.

-We bring our own stands and music.

Does the quartet play with other musicians?
-On occasion we may need to hire a "substitute player" for an event. We only hire professional musicians who have auditioned for a substitute position with our quartet. We assure you that our services will never be compromised in finesse or professionalism.